Guten Morgen! Bonjour! Bom dia! ¡Buenos días! Good morning! Third post  is here! Right now is morning where I live, 6AM to be more precise. 

Like I told you guys, nor english or spanish are my native languages, so bear with me, please. Also, I’m trying to learn german and french right now, but it’s so hard!! Specially german, it is so hard to pronounce the words (french looks a bit - just a tiny bit - like portuguese, so it’s not that hard). 

Today we have Chuchun ga Chun chapter 8, like I told you guys yesterday (is it already another day in your country? I hope so…). So, here it is: mediafire link

Oh yeah, look at this beautiful colored page! Thank you Icolouryaoi, I’m even a little ashamed I posted my colored version. Chun is so happy!